The Pinwheel Difference

When you use high-quality lures, you expect them to do one thing - catch high-quality fish.

Our specialty fishing lures are designed to replicate the exact look of a bait fish, and the lures' ability to roll in the water imitates the movement of a bait fish doing a death roll. Injection moulding and hand painting our lures allows us to ensure that only the best lures pass inspection. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in making sure that our lures are accurate right down to fin placement, to make trolling as realistic as possible.

Why Our Fishing Lures Standout

Every one of our fishing lures is injection moulded in Alberta, Canada. Once the mould is done, we hand paint each lure using durable, automotive-grade, water-based paint that is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The lure is then UV clear coated to protect the lure and reflect sunlight

We care about the environment and want to be able to fish in it for decades to come, which is why we insist on using environmentally safe products at every step of production. Even our packaging is made from recycled plastics.

Our hooks are 3x strong Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks. We also use stainless steel offshore split rings.

We're proud to say that every Pinwheel lure purchased is a guaranteed Canadian-made product that uses North American components of the highest quality.

Leave The Bait At Home

A high-quality lure is a realistic lure, which is why realism is critical to our design process. Between the lure's ability to death roll and the design of the lure itself, a predator fish is just as attracted to it as it would be to an injured baitfish.

Our lures' realistic design and ability to death roll attracts fish by making realistic ripples in the water. When paired with the reflective UV gel coating hand painted onto every lure, catching fish comes easily.

Our customers all agree that Pinwheel Lures are reliable and easy to use, ensuring your day on the water ends with a good experience and catching some nice fish.

"It runs at a wide range of speeds from 1.0 mph bottom bouncing for lakes with cowbells to over 3.0 mph covering ground for Salmon / steelhead, very nice."
- Captain Andy, Lake Trout Charter.

When you buy Pinwheel Lures, you're purchasing high quality fishing lures that bring in high quality fish. That's the Pinwheel difference.

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High-quality Fishing Lures

When you buy a Pinwheel lure, you're purchasing a high-quality fishing lure that will bring in high-quality fish. That's the Pinwheel difference. Take one of our lures out with you on the water today. We know you won't be disappointed.

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