The Pinwheel Story

Developing a Lure to Compliment Bait Fishing

Darrell Ellis, founder, started Pinwheel Lures with the desire to improve every fisherman's fundamental goal: the need to catch fish.

The idea of Pinwheel Lures was developed by Darrell over many years and many fishing trips. Darrell and his fishing buddies found that having to replace their bait every 20 minutes or so was becoming quite frustrating and time consuming. When the water currents and tides were strong, the bait no longer worked properly. On top of all of this, to avoid introducing foreign species to bodies of water, many places no longer allow the use of bait fish.

This made Darrell wonder if there was a lure out there that could compliment bait fishing and add another essential lure to our tackle. After finding no effective solutions on the market, he set to work creating his own customized lure; something completely new to the sport/industry.

Pinwheel Lures Is Born

Using innovation, 55 years of fishing experience, and his knowledge of bait fish, Darrell Ellis came up with a design that matches the exact profile and motions of some common bait fish.

The curved shape and scales on the lure imitate the movement a fish makes when it is struggling to keep itself upright (also known as doing its death roll). This roll attracts all kinds of predator fish that see the lure as a weak and easy meal.

After successfully piecing together a ‘franken-lure’ and testing it out himself, he found that it worked extremely well. Darrell and his fishing buddies noticed how well his new hand-made lure was working and wanted to try some out for themselves. Using his original franken-lure design, he created a mould which is now the basis of all Pinwheel Lures.

I am proud to say that every single Pinwheel lure is Canadian-made, produced by me right here in Alberta at every step - from the injection molding to the hand painting. Furthermore, all of my lure’s components are made using high-quality North American products.
- Darrell Ellis, Founder

High-quality Fishing Lures

When you buy a Pinwheel lure, you're purchasing a high-quality fishing lure that will bring in high-quality fish. That's the Pinwheel difference. Take one of our lures out with you on the water today. We know you won't be disappointed.

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