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With Pinwheel Lures, you get an authentic Canadian-made lure that replicates how an injured bait fish moves in the water. So, take one of our lures out with you today.

We know you won't be disappointed.


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Our Canadian-Made Fishing Lures Are Made Different - They Roll.

Pinwheel Lures is a Canadian lure company with one goal:
Making sure your day on the water ends with a good experience and plenty of caught fish.

How do we do that? Simple.

Our Canadian-made lures are made to move differently - they roll. When trolling behind your boat, a Pinwheel lure does a special rolling action in the water, imitating the death roll of a bait fish struggling to stay upright. No matter what speed you're trolling at, these rolling motions will ripple throughout the water to lure in all kinds of fish from the greatest depths of lakes and oceans around the world.

Death Roll Series

Helix Glow Series

Leave The Bait At Home

A high-quality lure is a realistic looking lure, which is why realism is an essential principle of our design process.

At Pinwheel Lures, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when designing a lure’s body, head, fins, and eyes to create an exact profile - as well as the curves we used to create the rolling effect.

Between the lure's ability to death roll, the design of the lure itself, and the high-quality components and paint we use, predator fish are just as attracted to our lure as they would be to a bait fish.

Canadian Made Lures

We are proud to be a Canadian lure company. Every one of our fishing lures is injection moulded here in Airdrie, Alberta.

Once the mould is done, we hand paint each lure using automotive-grade, water-based paint that is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

The lure is then UV clear coated to protect the lure and reflect sunlight. Our careful process of injection moulding and hand painting every lure ensures a quality product every single time.

Safe, & Durable

We care about the environment and want to be able to fish in it for decades to come, which is why we insist on using environmentally safe products at every step of production. Even our packaging is made from recycled plastics.

Another way we make your day on the water better is by using top grade products designed to last. We use 3X strong Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks along with stainless steel split rings with our lures.

We’re proud to say that every Pinwheel lure purchased is a guaranteed Canadian-made product that uses North American components of the highest quality. Our customers all agree that Pinwheel Lures are reliable and easy to use, ensuring that your day on the water will be a successful one.

Using Pinwheel Lures

Use a snap swivel or a chain bead when trolling to prevent your line from twisting. 

To get your Pinwheel lure to a desired depth, use a downrigger, bottom bouncer, lead lines, or a variety of other sinkers.

Happy Customers

We saw the need for a lure to have a different action than the lures currently on the market.
Our Pinwheel lure does a pinwheel motion in the water constantly, mimicking the death roll of bait fish.

Our Retailers

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The Fishin' Hole

Calgary & Edmonton, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Winnipeg, MB
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Boardwalk Bait & Tackle

Cold Lake, AB
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Angling Sports

London, ON
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Holiday Shores Marina & Market

Hope, ID, USA
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High-quality Fishing Lures

When you buy a Pinwheel lure, you're purchasing a high-quality fishing lure that will bring in high-quality fish. That's the Pinwheel difference. Take one of our lures out with you on the water today. We know you won't be disappointed.

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